Tena koutou katoa, Nga mihi ki a koutou mo te wa koanga.
Spring greetings to you all. Welcome to term four.
This term promises to be a busy time as we dig deep and set our sights on ‘getting the job done’ as Richie McCaw stated following the historic winning of the Rugby World Cup. As a nation we are full of pride for the All Blacks and their achievements and it shows us that through determination and teamwork deeds of greatness can come from very small places!
The longer daylight hours will enable us to engage in more outdoor activities and enjoy our environment fully whilst providing more energy and enthusiasm for our academic endeavours. Getting the job done means keeping our eyes focused on the target of achieving our goals, being respectful, showing integrity and humility so that we can acknowledge our achievements with pride that is earned and deserved at the end of term.
We extend our best wishes to our senior students are on study leave as of 6 November.
Years 1-10 have a full term of exciting events and learning ahead of them and we hope that everyone makes the most of this valuable and enriching time.
Kia maia koutou.
Be upstanding and have a great term everyone!

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